Introduced in 2009, TeenFlight™ (TF) serves students 14 and older who meet every week to build, and eventually fly, an RV-12 aircraft from a professional kit. The TeenFlight™ cadets pursue an “applied engineering curriculum” including learning to read plans, riveting, measuring, fitting, electrical systems, engine systems, etc.  The TeenFlight™ Program has built and sold 4 RV-12 aircrafts.  We are currently in the process of building our 5th and 6th aircrafts.

This program is housed at two of our sites, one at Hillsboro Airport and another at the Rebuilding Center located in NE Portland.

Our NE TeenFlight™ Program accepts applications on a rolling basis and plans to bring in 3-4 new youth every quarter. If you are interested in participating in the NE TF Program, please fill complete our ASK TeenFlight™ Application located on the Menu Tab.

Our Hillsboro TF Program follows a cohort model and brings youth into the program once a year.  Our next Hillsboro Cohort is slated to start Fall of 2018.

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