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Our three main programs are the following:

TakeFlight – Targets elementary age youth at schools and after school programs outside of our existing ASK classrooms in N/NE Portland and Hillsboro communities.  Instructors provide fun and engaging STEM activities while inspiring positive STEM experiences with youth at an early age with the goal of motivating them to persist in STEM related activities and classes. Read more on our TakeFlight web page.

InFlight Targets middle and high school age youth at our sites located at PCC- Cascade Campus and Hillsboro Airport.  The program involves lessons in airway sciences and connections to STEM, flight simulation tutorials, academic, career and higher education awareness, informal mentoring between instructors and students, leadership and citizen skills lessons and a culminating flight in a private plane. Read more on our InFlight web page.

TeenFlight™ – Introduced in 2009, TeenFlight™ serves students 14 and older who build, and eventually fly, an RV-12 aircraft from a professional kit at our Hillsboro Airport site.  Teen Flight youth pursue an “applied engineering curriculum” including learning to read plans, riveting, measuring, fitting, electrical systems, engine systems, etc. Read more on our TeenFlight™ web page.


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  1. My 14-year old son is very interested in aviation. Where can I get more details on your programs including days/times, prices, any other pertinent details? Thank you!

    ilene Erickson 2 years ago Reply
    • Hi Ilene,

      We have programs in NE Portland and Hillsboro. Which area are you interested in? We have a program called TeenFlight that is going to start mid and late November where high school kids can build a plane. Looks as though your son is the right age 🙂


      Jackie Murphy 2 years ago Reply
      • Hi Jackie! So sorry for the delay. I didn’t realize the email would be posted on your site and not come through email so I never got the reply. That was my fault for not checking back on the site. I am interested in Hillsboro location. I realize we missed the program starting in November. When will the next program start? Thank you!

        ilene Erickson 2 years ago Reply
  2. I am the STEAM coach at Butternut Creek Elementary and I am looking for information about your after school programs. We are working with a VERY tight budget that will heavily impact our program choices.

    Stephanie 2 years ago Reply
  3. Do you serve other areas outside of Portland/Hillsboro? I teach at an elementary school located west of Salem and I am trying to find resources for STEM related activities.

    Laurie Frost 2 years ago Reply
  4. Hey hey. I am 16, and VERY interested in the teen program. Could you send me the details? What does it cost, what are the requirements to get in, and what are the the requirements when I am in? Thanks! Elk-

    Elk Cox 2 years ago Reply
    • Hi Elk,

      Look for an email from Airway Science for Kids, Inc responding to your questions.


      Jackie Murphy 2 years ago Reply
  5. Leave your message here

    Judi Naylor 2 years ago Reply
  6. Hi, I would love to learn what would be offered for 6th graders. Thanks much! Pam

    Pamela Slaughter 1 year ago Reply
  7. Thank you Jackie and Staff for such an amazing program, my son Johnason loves it. You all do Great Work and he has learned so much. We can’t wait to see what you guys have in stored for summer 2017.

    Carliss Holland 1 year ago Reply
  8. Hi there I’m a 16 year old at La Salle Catholic college prep looking to get some knowledge in aviation, and would like to start as soon as possible with the teen flight. So my questions are how much does it cost, and when does it start thanks.

    Gage Wollan 1 year ago Reply
  9. My son is 8 and loves airplanes. He wants to be an Air Force pilot when he grows up. What age can kids start your program?

    Stephanie Morris 11 months ago Reply
  10. Hi Im Mark I’m 16 and Im interested in the teen program. Could you send me the details? What does it cost, what are the requirements to get in, Thanks!

    Mark Rybakov 11 months ago Reply
  11. I am interested in getting more information on this program for my son. Can I receive in formation?

    Sean 7 months ago Reply
  12. My 14 year old son took a Discovery Flight today and loved it. Later today we heard about your InFlight program. Where could I get more information about it?

    Kim Macri 7 months ago Reply
  13. Cab I get some information on this program? I have two sons that would be interested.

    Sean 5 months ago Reply
  14. Could I please get mor information about the summer program? I have a 12 and 10 year old boys.

    Maria 5 months ago Reply
  15. I am the Director of an alternative school located on the PCC Cascade campus. I hadn’t heard that you had a program located there. What additional info can you give me. Start dates, cost etc.

    Rebecca Black 4 months ago Reply
  16. What Summer Camps are happening this Summer?

    Carliss Holland 2 months ago Reply

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